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Crabomb Island

Crabomb Island is an exploration game in which resource management and crafting are key to success.
The player will be asked to complete many quests from villagers, and travel back and forth on various islands.
Each island features different resources, enemies, and secrets to unravel.

Every single action in the game (gathering, fishing, opening doors/chests, killing enemies, etc) is done with bombs.
Crafting specific bombs for specific situations is core to the gameplay.

The game is currently under development, with no release date yet.

Taken Away

Taken Away is a survival horror game.
You have been abducted and you wake up in a creepy mansion's attic.

Unravel the many mysteries the place has to offer, pick locks, solve puzzles.
The adaptive AI and the randomized placement of items will make every run feel new and unique.

Release date: June 4th on Steam - Store Page
Press kit: ​Download PDF​​​

Available now on Steam!


Take control of a cute slime ball to explore a strange and uncanny world, climb to the top, and make sure to invite your friends to the trip!

Available now on Steam!


Bouncing Duck Simulator allows you to fulfill your wildest dreams. Bouncing a rubber duck around, bouncing a pink rubber duck around, bouncing... more ducks? Don't be shy, you gotta bounce them all!


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